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Cracking the Glass Darkly

A fresh and original approach to helping one's self out of life's funk.

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) September 6, 2008

Unhappiness is a state of mind. "Cracking the Glass Darkly: Discovering Power and the Ecstasy of Your True Cosmic Self" is a compelling and informative examination of the depression that humanity so often puts itself through for no apparent reason. Speaking on how to deal with it and how to break through one's own fog of depression, it encourages readers to stop living in the past and stop living in the future, but to focus in on the here and now. Highly recommended for Self-Help, Self-Improvement reading lists and reference collections, "Cracking the Glass Darkly" is a fresh and original approach to helping one's self out of life's funk.

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You CAN judge this book by its cover

Who am I? Am I my career, my hobbies, my passions? Am I defined by my net worth or my personal associations?

Am I the person who hides behind who I want people to see?
Why can’t I just be that person?
How do we scrape away the layers of paint, to expose the luster of our trueness?

This is neither a religious text nor is it a psychological self-help manual – it is a means to a beginning. There are many philosophical quotes, as well as Biblical and spiritual references, yet no preaching of either. I wouldn’t expect to see Mr. Egby on PBS, selling his personal journey to the Yellow Brick Road.

There are no 12 steps to enlightenment; no magic elixir. The book simply suggests ways to open your self to the world and to your place in it or, to its place in you.

It’s difficult to summarize something of this writing. It flows effortlessly through different subjects yet they are all relative to the subject at hand – the discovery of the True Self.

Once you have Cracked the Glass Darkly, you will never see the world through blind eyes.

--- Ken Kishler, New Jersey

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