Another Epic Thriller by Robert Egby

Two Canadian hunters find a Russian gold bar:
It triggers an international frenzy to find the legendary Romanov gold.


For sixty years rumours raged on Canada's west coast that a large gold cache belonging to the murdered Tsar Nikolas II was lost in a sunken ship. In 1979 when a weekend hunter discovers an ingot in a remote mountain cave it triggers a flurry of international gold seekers. The Tsar's cache of 110 tonnes is worth three billion dollars.

Dimitri Komadze, deputy chairman of the dreaded Russian KGB seeks to correct his father's fatal mistake in losing the gold; Alex Plastiras, a disgraced US Marine now working as a mercenary for exiled Romanov interests, launches an airborne unit to get the gold.

Then there's Harry Travis a reluctant Canadian Secret Service operative who finds people are not what they seem-in fact some are either ruthless lovers or deadly killers-or both!

Colonel Ilya Orlov, a guard's officer with sworn loyalties to a long-dead Tsar, founded a secret community called "Stavka" where the old Russian flag still flies. His beautiful granddaughter, part Russian, part Native Indian, has trained a bald eagle to hunt and kill anyone on demand.

As he battles to pursue the treasure Travis discovers there is a dangerous secret hidden with the gold known simply to British and Canadian Intelligence as the "Nikolas Consignment."

This historical novel while set in the Canada of 1979 has a storyline weaving through actions in Chile, Sydney Australia, Prague, San Francisco, the Kola Peninsula in Northern Russia and Gori, Georgia, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin.

Author Robert Egby lived in Kamloops and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia for thirty years working as a journalist, editor, award-winning broadcaster and public relations executive. He wrote the original manuscript in 1980 while in Vancouver, taking time out to explore the incredible beautiful and dangerous region of Canada's west coast where much of the action takes place. He completed revisions this past year. He now lives in upstate New York.

The Guardians of Stavka is his second novel. The first was "Pentadaktylos: Love, Promises and Patriotism in the Last Days of Colonial Cyprus." The thrillers are available on Amazon and at all leading bookstores.

THE PROLOGUE: Once upon a time in old Russia...

Author: "Thunder Inlet" in the Guardians of Stavka was inspired by a real place in British Columbia. It's known as the Skookumchuck Narrows. We hiked three miles to perform a talk and a book reading. Here's how it turned out: A book reading on location. If you get chance to visit Skookumchuck it's worth the effort. Enjoy!

International readers will find "The Guardians of Stavka" at the The Book Depository.

Title: The Guardians of Stavka: The Deadly Hunt for the Romanov Gold.
Author: Robert Egby
ISBN: 978-0-9848664-0-3
Pages: 386
Publisher: Three Mile Point Publishing
Distributor: LSI/Ingram

Amazon in the U.S. and Amazon in UK

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