The National "Best Book" Finalist 2009
and International Book Awards Finalist 2010
in Spirituality by Robert Egby


The Journey Home Through Meditation, Metaphysics,
Sacred Energies, Spirits and the Universal Mind.

Robert Egby -- Three Mile Point Publishing -- ISBN 978-0-615-29196-3


    Show the Way to Spiritual Enlightenment
    Read Past, Current and Future Energies
    Build Psychic Energy and Understand the Power of the Mind
    Talk to Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in the Other World
    Overcome Limitations and Personal Suffering
    Understand the Afterlife and the Spirit World
    The Astral Body and How to Project
    Rescuing Earth Bound Spirits
    The Importance of Living Now
    Being Open to the Unimaginable God Force
    Difference Between Earth Love and Divine Love
    Open Your Minds to the Love of the Universal Mind
    Share the Author's own Quest Experiences


Ever since the the dawn of civilization, humans have searched for truth and dedicated themselves to moving towards the Light, the Universal Mind, the Spirit that powers each one of us, and the Universe.

For some people, their quest takes them to the lower levels of the mountain, and there they sit. Others climb the paths to higher levels, embracing metaphysics, and resting in the pyschic plains. Along the path they embrace the art of dying, that is breaking free from the chains of the ego, the False Self, and start to live with the True Self.

Some will venture on and converse with Spirits and loved ones who have crossed into Summerland, the Spirit World. Others, push on with open minds seeking the oneness and the indescribable love of the Universal Mind or Infinite Intelligence. They call these Mystics and Spiritualists.

Robert's latest book, now available, is a book of many colors. Written to inform armchair readers, it is also a guidebook for future questers who have the desire and the curiosity to venture into the lands of higher awareness. It contains practical exercises and instruction for those who wish to embrace psychic energies, talk with spirits, work with spirit guides, travel into the astral plains, all the time following their quest to knowing and understanding the Universal Mind.

When men and women start to delve into their real natures, to discover the truth of Being, they know they are on a Quest.This book is designed to take the Quester beyond the Plains of Being to the Lands of the Unknowable Universal Mind. The Quester's faith is unconditional love.

News Release on the Finalist Best Books Award

Robert talks about "The Quest"

Robert talks about the "Dawn Meditation" in "The Quest."

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