A NEW and Revised Edition (April 2011) of an Uplifting Book by Robert Egby


Your Path to Lasting Happiness

Robert Egby -- Three Mile Point Publishing -- ISBN: 978-0-98322404-1-9


Step into a New World!

Practical, effective help
is in this book.

    Ever felt as if your life is out of control. You feel caught on a never-ending roller coaster? Relationships, work, family-you just don't get along? There may be a part of you that's undermining all your efforts. Known as the False Self, it pulls you back into old, bitter memories that hurt, and you wonder where happiness exists in life.

    A new way of living is available right now. This book is based on the teachings of the ancients. Here are powerful and effective techniques taught effortlessly and easily by a teacher who has been teaching Conscious Living for thirty years.

    You will discover:
    == A sure cure for worry, anger, jealousy, heartache and suffering.
    == The way to a more powerful you and lasting happiness.
    == How to be happy every minute of every day.
    == How to realize and contact a Higher Power.
    == How to see yourself in a different light.

    These ancient truths are simplified for easy and effective application into your everyday life.


    "The Glass Darkly" is a 2,000 year-old phrase summarizing the suffering of humanity. Plato, Socrates, St Paul, the Buddha and others knew it as a prison, a cave, a block to spirituality. The good news is that there is a way to go beyond the Glass Darkly, easily and effectively, no matter what your suffering might be. The book covers four major steps found on the path to Cosmic Consciousness.

    (1) Dissolving the Glass Darkly, that's the negative ego that plagues humanity;

    (2) Freeing yourself from the past and the future and living ecstatically in the Here and Now;

    (3) Loving yourself unconditionally and enjoying great physical, mental and spiritual health; and

    (4) opening yourself to True Self Awareness where you can understand the Cosmos, Infinite Intelligence, work with Universal Laws, and enjoy life with all its challenges and rewards. Is this a religious book? Not a bit. But you may well have a better understanding of your religion after reading it. It opens doors to your own spiritual understanding of what you are doing on Planet Earth and your role in the Universe.

    The book contains a fascinating training exercise: If there is anything you dislike in this book, simply watch your mechanical mind impartially, and note the results. Then ask yourself, "If I can watch myself thinking and reacting, who or what is the Watcher?" Welcome to the True Self! You've cracked the Glass Darkly and you're on the Way.


    Highly recommended for Self-Help, Self-Improvement reading lists and reference collections, "Cracking the Glass Darkly" is a fresh and original approach to helping one's self out of life's funk. - Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI.

    For the past 52 years, I've been trying to understand the Russian mystic, Gurdjieff, as presented by P. D. Ouspensky from his book, "In Search Of The Miraculous" - with no success. Egby explains in 21st Century language the mysticism of Gurdjieff. One would have to spend a lifetime sitting at the feet of Tibetan, Buddhist and Zen Masters to learn what is in this book. Buy and study this book and be pleased that it no longer takes 52 years to understand your spiritual path and a realization of your true self. -- Donald D. Scott


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    BRIGHT MEANINGFUL PRESENTATIONS: Robert Egby is available for short or long talks, seminars and workshops that help people break free from their suffering role and embrace the True Self. It brings lasting happiness in a world that needs such people. Available for educational institutions, companies, clubs, and groups in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Presentations are free, but we do have books available for purchase. Call 609-351-5878 anytime.

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