“A must read for anyone and could even be life-changing.”
-- Brian James in The Rift.

Philadelphia's South Broad Street. William Penn had it all figured out.
He stands atop City Hall and two major leys.


Dowsing Pyramids, Obelisks,
Leys & Geospirals.
How They Can and
Do Impact Our Lives

The strange, often thought-provoking phenomena surrounding Earth energies are presented in Robert Egby’s latest book “Chasing the Cosmic Principle: Dowsing from Pyramids to Back Yard America.”

Hold a pendulum over any four-sided model pyramid and it will involuntarily swing counter-clockwise. Not only that, if you walk away from the pyramid the pendulum will continue to swing indicating its Area of Influence.

If you can, try it at the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt and you will find yourself walking several miles, such is the influence.

This oddity in dowsing and divining came up while the author was researching a sequel to “Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth.” The earlier book told of a dowser’s journey in New Mexico where Earth energies such as leys and geospirals attracted scores of leading edge artists to stay for prolonged periods in Taos and Santa Fe.

“There's an abundance of such energies in Upstate New York, parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City and I was focused on dowsing them, when the Cosmic Principle came out of the blue – or better still the etheric,” he says.

What is the Cosmic Principle? “No idea, really. All I do know is that if one draws a square and places a diagonal cross reaching each corner, it sets up an involuntary counter-clockwise spin of a pendulum that simply accelerates faster and faster until one is forced to stop it. The thing is you do not have to possess any dowsing or pendulum experience. Anyone can experience it."

Egby says the format radiates Yin energy which is feminine, relaxing, inspiring and in some ways healing. But it is not just pyramids or the plan of pyramids that trigger a counter-clockwise spin. Words, sentences, names, colors, a musical note and even certain languages conform to the Principle. For instance, out of the 118 Elements Listed by Atomic Number, eight cause a pendulum to spin counter-clockwise. “Why? That’s a frequent word in the book,” he says. “It happens!”

The author and his partner Betty Lou Kishler spent two years tracking and studying Earth energy phenomena such as leys and geospirals which also produce comfortable living environments – if one knows where to find them.

Many cathedrals, churches, hospitals, universities, schools, art academies and many offices can be found along leys. Pierre L’Enfant’s National Mall including the U.S. Capitol Building, William Penn’s unique City Hall in Philadelphia, Russell Conwell’s Temple University, St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue in New York are all built on leys with their accompanying nests of geospirals manifesting Earth energies.

But so too are other places: Like the house site built for Napoleon in Cape Vincent, NY, Bolt Castle in the middle of the St. Larence River, and Dr. Trudeau's famous TB Laboratory in Saranac Lake, NY --- all built on ley lines and geospirals in an age when no one admitted to a knowledge of dowsing.

The book contains over two dozen illustrations along with coordinates of leys so that dowsers and students can use them for their own research.

The paperback book is readily available on both sides of the Atlantic:

NEWS ITEM: THE COSMIC PRINCIPLE JUST TOOK Runner Up Award in the “Environment” category at the Independent Press Awards 2021.

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Dowsing from Pyramids to Back Yard America
By Robert Egby

ISBN: 978-0-984-8664-7-2

Library of Congress Control Number: 2016909778

Published: September 2016
Publishers: Three Mile Point Publishing
13 Wynwood Drive, Pemberton, NJ 08068

Email: robertegbyauthor@gmail.com

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