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Wednesday, August 7th, 2013


Chaumont, NY: In his latest book UNPLUGGED: The Return of the Fathers published today author Robert Egby delves into the realm of science fiction and controversial ancient history involving the creation of Homo sapiens.

Set in the near future, David Rowan bestselling author and leading UFO debunker attends a Taos, New Mexico Paranormal Conference where a whistleblower publicly reveals the Pentagon used an Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle to demolish an alien space observer station in the Clarke Belt 22,000 miles above Earth.

Chaos ensues and escalates when a cattle rancher near Marfa, Texas announces a spectral pyramid is sitting on his property. Rowan, his new girl friend Molly a UFO enthusiast and Erich Steiner, a documentary movie producer fly to the scene to witness a CIA helicopter loaded with SWAT members fly into the ghostly image -- and fly out empty. Hunted by the CIA the trio takes off to find out about spectral pyramids. At Nehalem, Oregon they encounter Hugh and Chloe Geraint-Jones two archaeologists specializing in Middle East mythology, the Babylonian tablets and the unique Great Pyramid of Giza.

The archaeologists tell of the Anunnaki, space travelers from a distant planet who arrived on Earth 430,000 years ago, developed gold mines in South Africa and smelting facilities in Mesopotamia (Babylon) now Iraq. In dire need of labor they took ape-like creatures – Homo erectus – from the jungle and through genetic engineering produced “primitive workers” able to stand erect, use tools and communicate. The new Earthlings – Homo sapiens -- called the space travelers “gods” and their planet Nibiru “Heaven.” The story is contained in the 30,000 Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets still being translated from Cuneiform and held in selected museums around the world including the British Museum in London.

While this is happening, Rowan’s daughter discovers that aliens are planning a “Gathering” in a remote area of central British Columbia at the summer solstice less than a week away. Unable to believe what he has heard Rowan sets out to attend the alien event but that’s when the lights go out. To their horror the group discovers that anything designed to work on electricity is dead.

Accompanied by a strange assortment of 16 people Rowan starts the arduous 350 mile trek in the only vehicle that moves in an unplugged world -- an 80 year old White diesel truck.

Egby says various thought-provoking events occurred while he was writing the book. One occurred in January 2013 when the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland questioned whether the world was psychologically and culturally ready to accept contact with extraterrestrial life forms that may be much more advanced than people on Earth.

Egby says while the book is configured to entertain it is also designed to introduce readers to thinking over broader horizons. Ever since H.G. Wells published The War of the Worlds in 1898 story tellers and most film makers have portrayed any contact with extraterrestrials as violent, defensive and destructive.

“Is it true to say people generally, including the Pentagon, have been programmed to respond violently to any notion of alien contact? The evidence is clear,” he says. “We need to put our aggressive tendencies on a shelf along with atomic bombs and nuclear warheads. As the book suggests such weapons may be passé in an advanced civilization. Frankly, I do not think we have the time.”

The Babylonian tablets say the Anunnaki ruled the Earth for thousands of years and 6,000 years ago left a highly advanced society called Sumerians who lived in Babylonia now known as Iraq. The gifts they gave included writing (Cuneiform), mathematics, textile production, construction, agriculture and farming, astronomy, a geodetic referencing system and a calendar which is still in use today over 5,700 years later by the Jewish people.

The book “Unplugged” raises the question what would happen if they came back? Would a trigger-happy world shoot down the ancestors who created us – our fathers?”

Robert Egby who lives between Chaumont, NY and Pemberton, NJ is one of a growing number of Independent Publishers. His Three Mile Point Publishing is a member of the IBPA – Independent Book Publishers Association, and SPAN, the Small Publishers of North America.

Details of his books and sales can be found at Amazon outlets world-wide, Kindle, and at many good bookshops.

Robert is available for talks and forums on the subjects raised in the book. Please call 609-351-5878 The book also contains a resources list for readers who wish to study subjects raised in the novel.

UNPLUGGED: The Return of the Fathers by Robert Egby
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