Love, Promises and Patriotism
In the last days of Colonial Cyprus

A haunting saga of dedicated love, old promises and conflicts of patriotism set in the turbulent Middle East. A British Army officer returns to the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus to discover he has a son from a passionate love affair eighteen years before. Real and terrifying problems surface. His seventeen year old son is now a terrorist fighting for independence from British colonial rule. His former love has disappeared. There's more.

A Greek assassin from Salonika is on Cyprus. His mission? To assassinate the British Governor and a mysterious "Third Man" as well as sabotage UN talks. The problem is compounded when the officer finds his son has joined the assassin's special team in the mountains which is being hunted by crack regiments of the British Army. The entire story is one man's fight to keep a promise over incredible odds and get his son and the mother back together.

The saga is set against an actual historical background of Cyprus in its last turbulent days as a British Colony with Turkish Cypriots fighting Greek Cypriots who are in turn fighting the British for their independence.

Author Robert Egby was an international correspondent and award winning news photographer who spent thirteen years in the Middle East, nine of them living on Cyprus. He experienced firsthand the inter-communal riots and killings, and reported on most of the background events narrated in the novel. The typewritten manuscript for this book sat in a cardboard box for forty-three years until this summer, when Robert re-typed it into the digital age and re-edited it.

Three Mile Point Publishing Chaumont, New York

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