NEWS ITEM: (4/30/2020) Robert Egby's "SILENT KILLER BELOW" has received the

NEWS ITEM: (7/23/2020) Robert Egby's "SILENT KILLER BELOW" receives "FINALIST" award in "HEALTH" category in 2020 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS

Cute or Deceptive? How would you know?

Robert Egby takes the lid off "Sick"
homes, businesses, highways and "health"
clinics. If your home, office or sacred spot does not feel safe,
learn dowsing or call a dowser. Because
there's not much interest from Corporate America.

The real title for this award-winning book could have been “If Only I Had Known.” Over our years of dowsing and clearing “sick” homes, offices, factories and farms, some close survivor of a victim has always brought up that line, and each time it strikes hard. If only they had known, this book would never have been written because most people would have learned about the phenomenon and how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

This book is all about a phenomenon called Geopathic Stress. It occurs when soft beneficial magnetic energy generated at the Earth’s double core passes through subterranean water veins flowing over clay, broken rock, and fissures and turns toxic. If humans and animals spend time on such zones, their immune systems suffer and sickness sets in.

Geopathic stress is soft, gentle and deceptive. For some people it takes months to know they are in the clutches of the Silent Killer. Scientists overseas are showing that geopathic stress zones on highways affect drivers with momentary losses of consciousness. In this book, the author and his partner Betty Lou discuss various ways of combating this energy, but also how dowsers using the Decree Technique can clear homes and buildings at great distances quickly and permanently.

It is an example of Distant Healing in practice. This book is not only for dowsers, it’s for everyone who desires to learn and maintain a safe environment so that they never have to say: “If only I had known.”

Learn how to dowse, recognize and remove Geopathic Stress. Awareness could save you chronic pain. Practical! Eye-opening! Straight talk! Written by a former journalist. THE SILENT KILLER BELOW – now on book and Kindle. Buy through Amazon! or if you live in the UK Buy now at Amazon U.K.!! Your purchases are much appreciated.

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Author and Dowser Robert Egby is available as a speaker for meetings and seminars. He also conducts three hour workshops on the basic art of dowsing, including instruction on how to find and heal geopathic stress using the Decree Technique. Queries to

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Robert Egby DHP, CH, Rev.
Three Mile Point Publishing
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